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18 Apr, 2021

The Orange Blossom Festival

The Hills Shire Orange Blossom Festival boasts a 49 year history rich with stories of cultural change, local achievement and a-coming-together of diverse groups to showcase the best of The Hills. Over the years The Hills Shire Orange Blossom Festival has taken a variety of forms including a street parade, community fair, race day, princess competition, month long festival and fun run.

The Hills Shire Orange Blossom Festival has undergone various transformations since its inception in 1969 when a group a locals envisioned an event that would bring the community together and celebrate life in the Hills.

From the 1800’s, the Hills Shire was known as a major citrus producing region. The high suitability of the area for growing citrus and stone fruit established the Hills District as the first commercial provider of Oranges. Citrus orchards were plentiful and the Shire was renowned for its agriculture, in particular its fruit. When it came to naming their local community event, the festival planners turned to local industry for inspiration and so the Orange Blossom Festival was born, its name a celebration of the first blossoms of the orange tree.

What began as a parade through the main street of Castle Hill culminating in a fair at Arthur Whitling Park, grew into a month long Shire wide festival. This festival included a Gala ball, photography competition, talent search and the Hills Garden Competition.

For more information on this wonderful, local annual event visit the website.

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